Lima, Peru - 2016

Rodolfo´s interest in photography began in 2013 after discovering his new job would take him around the world. Excited at the prospect of seeing the world and being able to document it, he got himself a camera and started studying photography basics for his newborn hobby.   

After shooting casually for a year, a trip to Prague in early 2014 convinced him he wanted to take his photography to another level. When reviewing photos from that Euro trip he discovered the most engaging to him were not of Europe´s finest sights but those of the people. Rodolfo found that the portraits of his subjects conveyed something greater that he felt compelled to explore further. With little more than an idea Rodolfo went about trying to capture that Essence in his own way.

´For me, Portraits are more than capturing a moment, it´s really about resonating with the viewer. A Portrait should accomplish two things: generating a direct or tacit effect, feeling, or attitude to the viewer; or – what often turns out to be more interesting – creating a doubt or question, curiosity towards: ´What is the subject trying to say?´, ´Does he or she really mean it?´ The duality between those two ideas is what I try to balance or unbalance in my work”.

With adult subjects Rodolfo uses his directional skills to help them bring out their Essence, showcase their attitude, personality and confidence, and that requires coaching: allowing them to recognize their best features. Rodolfo helps them feel comfortable working the camera to deliver the interest and magic they are looking to convey while creating an experience/shoot in which subjects get to develop their sense of self.

Family and children portraits demand a slightly different approach: creating an atmosphere for them to be themselves and getting the most honest gesture from them. That´s what he is looking for, whether it´s a smile, a frown, shyness, or a very personal expression; every person is unique and showing that is the ultimate goal.

Today Rodolfo launches his website and presents his latest experiences portraying as well as his first jobs with landscapes – what got him into this journey in the first place.